How public relations and the media are distorting science

Written by Rafael Irizarry on . Posted in Opinion

Throughout history, engineers, medical doctors and other applied scientists have helped convert basic science discoveries into products, public goods and policy that have greatly improved our quality of life. With rare exceptions, it has taken years if not decades to establish these discoveries. And even the exceptions stand on the shoulders of incremental contributions. The researchers that produce this knowledge go through a slow and painstaking process to reach these achievements.

So you’re a data scientist? That don’t impress me much

Written by John Murray on . Posted in Opinion

In a recent entry on these pages, Martin Goodson talked about how analytics was done before anyone had heard of 'data scientists', and one of the pioneering companies he mentioned was Reader's Digest. I'd like to fill in some of the blanks about what the company did in the early days of data led marketing, and how those early models evolved into the data science of today.