Big data and official statistics - the international view

Written by Emily Poskett on . Posted in Opinion

During January’s Royal Statistical Society's debate on 'What is the future of official statistics in the big data era?', John Pullinger described big data as 'a wakeup call for official statisticians'. Despite the huge challenges, there are indeed many who agree. Official statisticians around the world have been thinking about what big data means for them, and innovating in a wide range of fields, in all corners of the globe. An international conference on 'Big Data for Official Statistics' organised by the United Nations Statistics Division and the National Bureau of Statistics of China in late 2014 brought some of the movers and shakers together.

Journal’s ban on null hypothesis significance testing: reactions from the statistical arena

Written by Oz Flanagan on . Posted in Opinion

The decision of one academic journal to ban null hypothesis significance testing procedures (NHSTP) has caused a stir in the statistical community. It makes you wonder if the editors of Basic and Applied Social Psychology, David Trafimow and Michael Marks, realised what a nerve they would hit when they published their editorial.