Big data or bust? How migration may be the short term solution to the UK’s data skills needs

Written by George Windsor on . Posted in Opinion

Nesta and Universities UK recently launched respective reports on data analytics skills in the UK, and a joint policy briefing setting out changes needed in UK education and skills policy to improve the supply of analytical talent. We showed the benefits of embedding data analytics in businesses, and the ways that companies are doing this through highly skilled workers.

We found that data is becoming more and more important for businesses operating in the midst of the big data revolution. But realising the opportunities of this data glut will require talent with new skills. Businesses say they need workers with a mix of analysis, coding, domain knowledge, communication and soft skills, but those people seem hard to find. So much so that some even refer to them as ‘unicorns’.

We need to rethink how we teach statistics from the ground up

Written by George Cobb on . Posted in Opinion

The American Statistical Association recently published a thorough and thoughtful report, edited by N. J. Horton, setting out guidelines for US undergraduate programs in statistics. I admire and applaud the Horton report for its careful attention to where we are and where we should try to go, and I urge any readers who have not yet seen it to take a serious look - it will repay your attention.

The Alan Turing Institute opens for business

Written by Sofia Olhede & Patrick Wolfe on . Posted in Opinion

The Alan Turing Institute has marked its first few days of operations with a string of announcements. Andrew Blake (pictured) has been appointed as the Institute’s new director and £10 million of research funding from the Lloyd’s Register Foundation has been confirmed. In addition a research partnership with GCHQ and collaboration with the supercomputer company Cray has also been agreed.