How AI crushed all human records in 2048

Written by Randy Olson on . Posted in Culture

By now, we’ve all heard of the addictive tile-mashing game called 2048. Last week, I picked up 2048 for the first time and - true to my nature - I started designing an AI to beat the game for me the following day. It didn’t take me long to find out that there’s already some pretty good AIs out there, so I picked up the best 2048 AI I could find and fired several instances of it to see what it could do. Much to my surprise, it not only beat 2048… it crushed every human record in 2048 that I could find.

Five things we learned at the RSS #immigrationfacts debate

Written by Brian Tarran on . Posted in Politics

One of the more interesting dynamics in British politics in recent years has been the rise of UKIP – the UK Independence Party. UKIP might still be a minority party (the latest Guardian poll projection forecasts it to win three out of 650 seats in the next parliament), however the apparent electoral allure of its anti-immigration rhetoric has forced the bigger, mainstream parties to talk tough about migrants.


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