Has the hot hand effect finally been proven?

Written by Phil Birnbaum on . Posted in Sports

A popular belief among sportswriters and broadcasters says that a team that's been successful, should be expected to continue that way. It’s known as the ‘hot hand’ (aka ‘momentum’ or ‘streakiness’) and the effect is popularly accepted as being real. But almost every study that has looked for such an effect has failed to find one.

Are we accepting austerity?

Written by Naomi Jones on . Posted in Economics & Business

When the government says times are tough and cuts have to be made, we expect public opinion to swing in favour of higher taxes to prop up public spending on essentials like healthcare and welfare. In the last major recession in the early 1990s, the British Social Attitudes survey (BSA) tracked some fairly dramatic shifts in public opinion - concern for the unemployed shot up, as did support for ‘tax and spend’.


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