Is there a World Cup hangover for the top teams?

Written by Dominic Cortis on . Posted in Sports

Bayern Munich have three of the top five World Cup players in their ranks (Castrol Index Top 10) and likewise all top clubs have quite a number of international players that participated in last summer’s World Cup. Just think of the magic Rooney and van Persie will weave under van Gaal’s leadership, the hunger that Barcelona players have to prove themselves and the sleepless nights that Real Madrid's opponents will have thinking about facing up to face Bale, Ronaldo and Rodriguez amongst others. Big teams, big names, big results!

Never miss another sunset with R

Written by Hilary Parker on . Posted in Science & Technology

I live (and work!) near one of the most beautiful vantage points for sunsets in possibly the entire US. However almost every beautiful sunset I have seen from there has come from either 1) me walking out of work and noticing that the sky is bright pink, or 2) seeing someone post a sunset photo on Twitter (I know). Either way it ends with me practically sprinting to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade for the tail end of the sunset.

How much is the Premier League worth?

Written by Simon Chadwick on . Posted in Sports

Over the next nine months, countless people will marvel at Manchester City or berate Jose Mourinho without ever really grasping how powerful and all-pervasive the Premier League has become. While 21st-century Britons routinely struggle to understand what it is that they do well as a nation, there is at least one example of power and dominance staring them directly in the face: the Premier League.

Why coalitions may be the new normal in British politics

Written by Tony Travers on . Posted in World Affairs

The decline in Britain’s ‘two-party’ political system is well-documented. In the 1951 general election, the total Conservative-plus-Labour vote was 97%, yet in 2010 it had declined to 65%. The Liberal Democrats (and their predecessor parties, the Liberals and Social Democrats) had, until the 2010 election, been the main beneficiaries of this decline.


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