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Glasgow local group: Think stats! A Maths Week Scotland activity 19 November 2019
Glasgow local group meeting: Transforming health and social care publications in Scotland 06 November 2019
Scottish local groups gear up for Maths Week Scotland activities 26 September 2019
Event report: The Storm of the Century! Glasgow Science Festival Guy Lecture 18 July 2019
Glasgow Local Group meeting: Agent based models 28 May 2019
Glasgow local group: Will statistics get caught out by a data backlash? 05 March 2019
The data challenges of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals 01 November 2018
Glasgow local group at the Glasgow Science Festival: How many penguins? 18 June 2018
Glasgow local group/YSS meeting: Applied statistics to health & medicine (YSM prize winners) 10 May 2018
Glasgow local group meeting: David Spiegelhalter's Trust in Numbers 03 May 2018
Glasgow local group meeting: So we’re all data scientists now? 03 May 2018
Glasgow local group event at the Glasgow Science Festival 10 October 2017
Glasgow local group meeting: Analysis and modelling of the West African Ebola epidemic 10 October 2017
Glasgow local group and YSS meeting: Celebrating 20 Years of CRAN and R 24 May 2017
Glasgow local group/Statistics and the law joint meeting 20 March 2017
Environmental Statistics section/Glasgow local group: Stats Ecology 25 January 2017
Glasgow local group AGM & meeting: The improbability principle 16 December 2016
Glasgow local group meeting: Multivariate models 21 September 2016
Glasgow local group/Science Festival event, 'Yeah, but is it significant?' 11 August 2016
Glasgow local group: Statistics - a data science for the 21st century 04 April 2016

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