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The latest winners of the member referral scheme have been announced: they are Dr Tiziano De Angelis (pictured above) and Dr Codina Cotar (pictured below).

Codina is a reader in probability at the Statistical Science Department at University College London. Her research interests are in using probability, analysis and statistics tools to advance understanding of key open problems in physics, in particular to electronic structure of matter and to material science. She is also interested in reinforced processes, which is a class of probability models with applications to random networks, reinforced learning and Bayesian statistics. In her free time, Codina enjoys designing hats.

Codina joined the RSS to take advantage of the numerous events on diverse topics organised all-year-round by the RSS. She has found these events very beneficial to widening her research perspective.

Tiziano was encouraged to join the RSS by Codina and is a lecturer in the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds. His work focuses on theoretical aspects of 'stochastic control'. This is an area of probability theory that aims at finding ways to control systems in an uncertain environment (an interesting example nowadays could be controlling a driverless car). A lot of real-world applications require advanced statistical methods in order to implement in practice the 'optimal controls' found by the theoretical analysis. Tiziano is looking forward to engaging with the RSS community to further develop his understanding of this interplay between theory and applications.

We welcome Tiziano to the membership and hope that he and Codina enjoy their year of free membership.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a year’s free membership, why not encourage your friends and colleagues to join the RSS? If they enter your name when joining online as a fellow, you’ll both be entered into our quarterly prize draw. There’s no limit to the number of time you can enter or win.


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