Ben Goldacre launches Randomise Me trial software

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A new, free-to-use platform on which to conduct randomised control trials (RCT) has been developed by Dr Ben Goldacre in an effort to promote their wider use. enables individuals and organisations to run trials of varying sizes by taking them through a step by step process to create, structure and run a trial, including help to randomise the participants. Online tutorials are available on the site to get users started.
The platform can be used for questions ranging from ‘are my heart palpitations caused by drinking coffee?’ to ‘Will brain booster puzzles really help improve exam performance for the children I teach?’ Outcomes are measured and the statistical significance of any difference between them is calculated.
Ben Goldacre, author of The Guardian’s Bad Science column and subsequent book of the same name, has long supported the publication of all clinical trial results and published a book, Bad Pharma, on this very subject. He is also one of the founders of the AllTrials campaign, whose petition on the subject has so far gained more than 55,000 signatures.
Goldacre hopes the platform will make randomised control trials more accessible and generate better understanding of how they work. Footage of him speaking about the platform at its launch is available here.
The project has been backed by innovation charity Nesta, which hopes that Randomise Me will become the RCT equivalent of Survey Gizmo or Survey Monkey. ‘Our ambition is that Randomise Me will enable anyone to set up and turn their own trial, helping to robustly test different issues and interventions in an agile and low-cost way,’ it asserted on its blog.

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